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Robotic window cleaners make it easy to clean windows indoors and outdoors, including those that are difficult to access. A window cleaning robot usually cleans a whole window from edge to edge, alerting you when it’s finished.

Robotic Window Cleaners: What to Look For

The features you need will depend on how much window surface you want to clean at once. You should also consider whether you want a purely automated robot or one with a remote control, as well as how long you want the robot to run between charges. The following features are all considerations to keep in mind.

Battery Life
Most window cleaning robots have a short battery life that allows them to clean 10 or more windows on a single charge. This might mean you get a battery life of less than 15 minutes or over 30 minutes depending on the model. The more windows you have in your home, the more valuable a longer battery life is. However, models with longer batteries usually cost more.

Suction or Magnetic Connectivity
There are two main types of connectivity found in robot window cleaners: magnetic connectivity and motor-powered suction. Magnetic connectivity usually requires you to attach a second magnetic piece on the opposite side of the window, which may be difficult in some cases. Motor-powered suction is more convenient because you only have to place the window washing robot on the window. However, this type of connection might sometimes fail, so you need a safety cord to keep the window cleaning robot from falling.

Cleaning Process
Most window washing robots use cleaning pads or brushes to clean, but many also use a drying feature such as a squeegee to ensure that the window is streak free. The number of brushes and pads can vary depending on the model. You might also have to fill the model up with a window cleaning fluid before putting it out. A two-step cleaning process usually involves wiping away dirt and then polishing the window. Some also feature brushes for cleaning other surfaces, such as shower walls, doors and mirrors.

Remote Controls & Automated Cleaning
Window washing robots come with both automated cleaning options and remote controls. While not all options include both, automation allows you the convenience of sitting back while your windows are cleaned. A remote control enables you to steer the robot around the window. Some models include both control options for versatility, allowing you to choose.