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Cleaner robot

A window cleaner robot

If your live in tall buildings, cleaning window becomes a tough task for you. It’s hard and dangerous to clean the dusty window outside by yourselves. Our new window cleaning robot is coming to solve your problems. The microfiber pads effectively scrub the glass surface, remove the oil stain, dirt and dust. So that your window is cleaned up thoroughly and efficiently in a few minutes.

AI Technology

Automatically detects window frames and obstacles, calculates and programs an optimal cleaning path for maximum efficiency

Anti-dropping Algorithm

To stop this small smart appliance from falling if the battery cuts out or the power fails

Automatic Zigzag

Auto up then down, auto left then down, auto right then down

Powerful Motor-powered Suction

The vacuum motor will draw in air allowing the robot to hold onto the glass tightly as it traverses the surface

Remote Control

Simply switch the cleaning route or control the directions by the remote controller

APP Control

You can control the window cleaner robot through the Bluetooth matching to your smart phone or tablet


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What about shipping?

We deliver our window cleaner robot all over the world, yes, everywhere. Please allow 3-5 days for process payment. Average delivery all over the world is between 10 to 25 days.

Window cleaner robot specs

Battery Life: 2 hours
Voltage (V): 100-240V
Size(mm): 340*340*90
Remote Control: Yes
Brand Name: Alfa Wise
Power (W): 80W
Model Number: S60
Special Suction Nozzle: Cleaning Brush

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

Good tool to maintain windows difficult to access. As written in the instructions, it is important to know that it is designed to maintain the windows clean, not for the first time cleaning. If you have a very dirty window, you have to clean manually it, and then to refine with the robot. Again, is important to clean manually a little portion of the glass where you want the robot to start. So no intuitive like the floor robots, but I believe it cannot be done better.


received the second Widows Cleaner Robot. I will offer it as gift. A few days ago I received the first Robot, so I used it. It's so usefull. Works perfect. I have clened with the robot 20 sqm of windows on the both faces, so it cleaned 40 sqm perfect. I tried to work with windows detergent and only with... rain wather. I had the same result: perfect.


This robot is like a vacuum, but for cleaning windows and not floors :). It is well built, it comes with spare microfiber pads. You have to start it first and then place it on the window. You can control it with the remote control included in the package.


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